Windows Server 2012 Released To Manufacturers And Launch Set For September 4

Microsoft is trying to jump into the cloud server game and just released Windows Server 2012 RTM for its main partners.

Windows Server 2012

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is released for manufacturing (RTM). The final version of complete and Microsoft’s software and hardware vendor partners should get it by end of this week. The release date for general availability of Windows Server 2012 has been set for September 4.

Microsoft will host a special online collaborative even on the September 4, where Microsoft executives, engineers and customers will talk about Windows Sever 2012 capabilities and the benefits of the cloud server OS. Microsoft also promises prizes for people who will be the most active during the launch event. Not sure what we can expect from this event but Microsoft has something big in the mind just like the Windows Server 2012 itself.

Microsoft is very proud about upcoming Windows Server 2012, and feels that the new server OS has all the features and capabilities to satisfy the most demanding users and customers. My first impressions are only positive because I have used Windows Server 2003 for almost 10 years and switching to Windows Server 2012 is like switching from Symbian to iOS or from Dacia Logan to BMW 7-series. I guess most of the top-tier players will still stick with the Linux distributions but for the rest of the consumers this is the best and the safest bet.

Windows Server 2012 comes in four different editions to suit user requirements. Pricing depends on which version of Windows Server 2012 you choose and starts at $425 for Essential edition which is the best option for Small Businesses. Of course just like any other Microsoft product, Windows Server 2012 will be available as a free time-limited trial version so you can get an idea of how good or bad this system actually is.

Windows Server 2012 editions

If you are looking to buy Windows Server 2012 you still have one month left to save money for it but I guess individual users are more looking forward to Windows 8 which will be released on October 26 and yesterday was sent to Microsoft OEM partners to make products in the line with its new design.

If you are interested in Windows Server 2012 I strongly recommend to check its official launch event which will be held on September 4. Microsoft is very serious about Windows Server since cloud computing is growing exponentially and they don’t want to be left out of the game.

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